Unachievable Dreams

September 14, 2011 in Turning Your Dream Into Reality

One of my worst best traits is being excruciatingly stubborn. This drives my boyfriend crazy when I seem unable to do something, so he offers to help, which of course makes me want to do it myself all the more. I get a bizarre joy out of being able to do things that other people think aren’t possible.

This of course means I fail. A lot. But I would much rather have attempted my frightening “unachievable” dreams and fail, than never letting myself try or even let myself consider them as a possibility. Many people don’t dare to dream big because they are terrified of failing and never achieving it. But why worry? What is the worst outcome of failing? You lose some money? You move back home? You look for another job?

I wrote a guest post over at Marthe’s inspiring blog The Freedom Project about Tackling Your Fear of Failure to Live Your Dream, check it our if you’re stuck in that frightened deer-in-the-headlights mode.

What I want to talk about today is letting yourself HAVE those unachievable, terrifying but exhilarating dreams and doing something to achieve them.

To get us started, I’ll tell you my crazy unachievable dream: In five years I would like to split my time living three months of the year in France and nine months of the year here in Melbourne. Every year. Crazy? Yes. Exciting? You betcha!

There are many reasons why my dream won’t work. I won’t be able to keep clients and therefore earn an income effectively when I don’t permanently live in one country. We won’t be able to find an apartment suitable for a nine month lease every time we return to Australia and it will be too expensive to rent one for that time in France. It will be difficult storing our furniture and possessions once a year, every year. I could go on and on about why this can’t or won’t happen. But why waste my energy?

I am trying to do something every day to reach that goal. If the goal is five years away, it must be possible to inch my way closer to that dream if I do something small every day to achieve it.

  • So we’ll need to buy an apartment in Melbourne. Note to self: put down that cute new sundress, it’s saving time.
  • I’ll need to work on ideas to gain growth in passive income so that it won’t matter where in the world I work. Note to self: Finish editing that eBook you’ve been talking so much about, along with your other online ideas and get them out there to the masses.
  • We’ll look into the possibility of house swaps instead of renting when overseas. Note to self: start to look at the rules of how that would work and what people are looking for.

Spend some time really looking at all of the reasons why your dreams can’t work and solve those little problems, piece by piece, day by day. Nothing is completely unachievable, it’s just not as easy as we’d hoped.

All of your roadblocks are simply mental. It’s time to let your imagination run wild – dream big and iron our the kinks along the way.

What is one of your “unachievable” dreams?

What are your roadblocks?