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November 18, 2011 in Cyberspace Gems (favourite links), Things I Love

This week has been a very interesting one. There has been more frustration than I’ve had in a long time (the parking ticket I received this afternoon didn’t help that one bit), but this post is not called Currently Pissed About, so let’s get to it!



Savings. I am a hopeless saver and a professional spender, so when I looked in my bank account and saw a chunk of money in there that I didn’t need to spend paying my rent/credit card/insert any other bill here – I was overjoyed. Mind you, we have booked an apartment in Paris for June without purchasing flights or any other European accommodation, so it’s already been promised elsewhere, but still.

Energy. I don’t know if it’s the super foods I’ve been consuming, the wonderful sunshine Melbourne has been having or getting back into an exercise regime (probably all of the above), but my energy levels were peaking at the beginning of the week. By the end of the week, work stress and lack of sleep had taken over but I’m sure the fact that I’m not sick is testament to a great week of healthy choices!

Inspiring women. Oh my word, is it just me or are there more amazing women doing incredible things in the world than ever? I caught up with a couple on my morning off and have been tweeting and emailing with a bunch of others. Fill your world with role models that support you and help you become more excited about your own ideas!

Touching emails and messages from readers. You know who you are and I really appreciate you taking the time to write to me. I love hearing about your lives, changes you’re making and what is inspiring you at the moment. Keep ‘em coming – I’ll alway reply! Thank you. xx

Other:   Nanna’s apple crumble (and creating a mango crumble – oh yeah), my first Pump class, awesome co-workers, exciting collaborations, the great response to #supporther, doing nice things for other people, liqueur muscat, holding cute and quiet babies, family photos and fresh smoothies.



Sarah Wilson tells us why she gets excited about coconut oil (hey, I’m loving the stuff too)!

Over at The Leafy Corner on The Modern Woman’s Survival Guide, Shitika is talking about cancer fighting foods.

Loved reading How to Get Calm in a World Full of Crazy by the glorious Gala Darling.

Sian at Twelve By One wrote a lovely, inspiring post on the founder of kikki.K (I have way too much of their beautiful stationary), Kristina Karlsson (and mentions me a little too, thanks Sian)!

Claire of Sweet Lime and Spiced Tea is Breaking the Career Rules. Go girl!

You must check out Catherine from The Spring‘s beautiful patio with candle lanterns. I have home envy. :)

Ta’s of Such Different Skies is making almond coconut butter. Yum.

The Many Reasons We Rely Upon Clutter is a great piece by Leo at Zen Habits.

Over at In The Thick Of It, Sandi writes a heartfelt post: Someone You Wanted To Make Proud.



Even though it’s spring over here in Melbourne, these winter gloves from Kate Spade are on my cute radar!

Antipodes have developed a rosehip oil that has avocado oil in it too (available at Adore Beauty). I love my regular rosehip, but might have to see if this packs more punch!

There are no words to describe how much I adore this Blake Canary Yellow dress by Leanne Marshall.

My inner stationary nerd has fallen for this bright little notebook from Typo.

 What’s on your love list this week?