Currently Loving…

Running a little late this week, but hey – it’s still January right? Some days I find that I’m firing on all cylinders, whizzing through my to do list and others I’m still dragging my heels in holiday mode. Anyway, onto bigger and brighter things – here is last week’s edition of Currently Loving…


Fun times with loved ones. I went back to New Zealand for a week to see my family and friends which was wonderful. I laughed so hard and (apart from a little work) relaxed a whole lot. There’s nothing like a trip away from home and amazing company to refresh you!

Dream. Delight. Inspire’s new look. Sian Richardson, take a bow. This gem of a blogger/designer/entrepreneur designed my lovely new logo. Tell me, have you seen it? What do you think? I’ll be tinkering with the layout a fair bit over the next few weeks until I feel it’s just right, but it’s a nice fresh start!

Back into it. I have to say that I missed my students and being here teaching over the holidays. I get such a buzz out of my “day job” and seeing people progress with their singing that when I was taking some time out, I felt like something was missing. Great to be back at it!

Feeling more calm and throwing away the drama. I had a rocky start to my New Year – nothing major, just lots of little irritating things. The old Kim would have turned on the waterworks and sworn at the universe, but surprisingly I didn’t. I just absorbed it, let go and moved on. Sometimes annoying things happen, but you can’t let it phase you.

Other morsels of joy:   amusing trans-Tasman texts, pedicures with my sister, coming back home to T, passionfruit cheesecake, getting answers that I’ve been waiting for, supportive parents, quiet tea drinking moments, getting organized with food prep, work wins, French lunch dates, silly photos and productive spurts.



Hello Miss Potter is a really sweet blog (and always inspires me to run). Here’s what Amy found out about sugar and how she’s going to cut back.

Have you started 2012 with a fresh outlook? Clearing Your Life for a New Year by Leo from Zen Habits is a great read to help with this.

The delightful Carly of Smaggle has shared what looks like the best beetroot dip ever created.

50 Things to Love about Life That Are Free over at Tiny Buddha is very cute.

Serena from Pretty Fluffy talks about things that hold you back from achieving what you want. Amen.

Only Jane of Sea of Shoes could wear a tiger swimsuit and rock it!

Are you hooked on Instagram like me (@miss_kimberlina if you care to follow)? Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim has 12 Instagram-ers to Follow in 2012.

I’ve recently been wading through the awesomeness that it Christina’s Hair Romance blog and decided that this will be my hairstyle of the week. So cute!



My seriously talented friend A makes stunning jewellery, one of my favorites being her oversized Rosie Rings. Mine is bright yellow but the pink one is on sale for a crazy $8! Get in quick!

Have you grabbed your copy of the latest issue of 16 Hours magazine? Urban is full of blow-you-away gorgeous photography.

I had my first manicure last week (nail biter no more) and chose Butter London’s Pink Ribbon polish. It’s so lovely and natural that I’ll have to get my own bottle (available at Adore Beauty).

These turquoise Carly Paiker Coral Earrings (available at The Dreamery) are on my lust list as of now.


What are you loving this week?