Inspiration Station: Valentine’s Day

February 8, 2012 in Inspiration Station

I am currently listening to a little Nat King Cole to get me in the lovey-dovey mood for this post. Now, Valentine’s Day (coming up fast isn’t it?) isn’t just for the gooey couples that are enjoying the honeymoon stage, it’s for everyone to inject a little love into their day!

In my opinion, Valentine’s Day should be about beautiful words, thoughts and getting creative rather than spending a fortune (not that I’d have the discipline turn down a Tiffany’s necklace). Here’s a small collection of gorgeous Valentine’s Day ideas from around the web-o-sphere that I’ve stumbled across and felt a sparkle of inspiration from. There are ideas for both the coupled up and single girls out there – I for one will be taking a little from column A and a little from column B.



I know, I know – “I show my partner that I love them every day, so we don’t celebrate V Day”. That’s cool, you can try out these cute ideas any day then. For those of you that are stuck for inexpensive ways to show your loved ones that they mean the world to you, why not get creative with these gems?

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Put together a bunch of DIY Flowers like these by Justina BlakeneyCreate a darling and thoughtful Lunchbox, this one is by Blog Milk ♥ Write a sweet love message in a Beautiful Handmade Card or grab one of these by moxee ♥  Cook up some Red Velvet Crepes by Taste and Tell and serve them in bed ♥  Craft an Origami Love Note by eat drink chic


Why get all mellow and depressed on Valentine’s Day? You should see it as a day to celebrate our own self-love! Take some time during the day and in the evening to pamper yourself and indulge in your favourite foods and hobbies. Make yourself feel like a million dollars!


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Citrus Scrub by Paula Deen (and here’s a cute and easy scrub vid Jas from Sweet Lime and Spiced Tea put together) ♥ Get your body moving and eat what nourishes you – pic from Pinterest ♥ Write yourself a love letter, see these ones by Once Wed ♥ If all else fails, make ice – cream! This delicious cold treat in a jar is by Style Me Pretty

Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day? Any traditions you’d like to share?