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February 10, 2012 in Cyberspace Gems (favourite links), Things I Love

It has managed to roll around to another Friday as quick as it always does. Hope you’ve all had a fabulous week since I last checked in with you! Apologies that this post is a tad shorter than most but I am about to jet off in a plane to South Australia, so am cramming in a lot of love in a short amount of time. :)


Seeing my family this weekend. I’m heading off to Adelaide for my Grandpa’s birthday (best granddaughter ever right here) and my parents will be there from NZ. Pretty thrilled as I rarely get to see them more than once a year. Phone calls and Skype chats just aren’t the same as a hug and chat over some tea.

Getting more flexy with my yoga. I’ve been trying to be very consistent in my yoga practise this week and it’s paying off! I am definitely feeling a little more flexible (particularly in my hip joints) and my body feels longer and moves with more ease. Love it.

Reining in my spending. It’s about time isn’t it? The big trip is in just over 4 months so I’m tightening my belt and getting on the saving train. Any tips would be most helpful!

Revisiting old books I’ve loved. Too often I buy a book, read it once and then it sits on the bookshelf collecting dust, never to be opened again. SO I’m giving my old books new life by re-reading them in the next few weeks (also saving me money in the process – booyah!).

Other: Little delightful packages (thanks Sodashi), date nights, green juices, new friends on Facebook and Twitter *waves* (PS: I am wrong in the vid, the buttons are to the right of the site, duh!), Barre Body class, continued inspiration, new projects on the horizon, MOR hand cream in Italian Blood Orange (check it out in the vid), blueberries, bliss balls, uplifting posts around the web, guilty pleasures (Pretty Little Liars currently) and sweet goodbyes.


Connie of a life of perfect days has a step by step guide to Super Food Smoothies. Yum!

I have a pen pal – the real, old fashioned pen to paper kind too. It’s all thanks to this fabulous initiative by Tabitha of glitter and ganacheThe Handwritten project. Go ahead and sign up for the next round!

I’ve fallen in love with the smart and quirky Marie Forleo – check out this post and video: Should I Take The Safe Job or Do What I Love?

Not sure about affirmations and how they work? The lovely Jess from The Wellness Warrior helps you out with How and Why Affirmations Work.

A beautiful post by vienda maria on sensuous goal refinement and emotional magnetising. Doesn’t that title just sound delicious?

And this gem of a post by Sarah Wilson focuses on doing what you love and doing it often (with an AMAZING video which I shared with the crew over on our Facebook page the other day).


Meditation cushions (made from recycled plastic bottles!) by abi and joseph

Inspirational quote cards by kikki.K

Retractable foundation brush by kit cosmetics

What is on your love (or lust) list at the moment guys? I’d love to hear from you!