Add More Silence

February 14, 2012 in Sweet Nothings

Original image by Nirrimi Hakanson

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One of my biggest flaws is pushing myself too hard and by the sounds of it, some of you have the same “defect”. My mother told me that I try to do too much when I was a teenager and I can tell that my boyfriend wants to tell me this most days (but might be afraid of the reaction)!

We creative types tend to be excited about getting our teeth stuck into anything and everything; wanting to experience as much of life as we possibly can. There is always something more that I want to do or achieve. Instead of being overwhelmed by choice and not doing any of the ideas in front of me, I run. FULL THROTTLE. I run into the eye of the storm and attack everything with vigour and energy. That is, until I can’t anymore.

Does this sound familiar to any of you out there?

This weekend I realised how much I have been able to slow the pace of my usually chaotic life without even realising it. As much as I love my family, sometimes a fleeting visit can be overwhelming as they want to spend every waking minute talking to you, quizzing you and taking you to places they’ve been dying to show you. All of this is wonderful, but full on. On the plane back home I could barely keep my eyes open and my head throbbed lightly as if it had been over-used.

Instead of kicking myself for booking the trip, I decided to hunt for the positives. I got to spend time with my grandpa on his birthday, I got to see my parents, I caught up with other family members, T had a good excuse to go on his “man weekend” and I had the uplifting realisation of how much my life had changed.

My life now contains little pockets of something that I didn’t get while away for the weekend, something that I missed terribly and craved often. SILENCE.

I didn’t realise how many tiny bursts of it I give myself nowadays, until I no longer had the space for it. You don’t know what you’ve got until its gone… I am much more positive, energetic and productive when I stop devouring text, information and constant noise!

Try setting an alarm on your phone twice a day this week with a reminder to step out of the office (even if it’s to the bathroom) to just sit/stand and soak up some silence. It really does make a difference when you tend to live on fast forward, with the world sprinting alongside you. Slow down and take a few breaths. Stay still and embrace the quiet.

Do you already give yourself bursts of silence? Is it helpful?

Do you have any other tips?