Style Personalities

February 15, 2012 in Style Snapshot

It has been a while since I broached the topic of style on this blog and yes, there is a reason for it. Fashion was a big part of my life and my identity when I was working in a corporate administration job. I felt like it was one of the only ways I could express myself when I at the office, by putting my personality on in fabric form every morning.

Now that I (usually) don’t leave home to go to work, putting on high heels, a full face of makeup and chic (but uncomfortable) clothing doesn’t seem so important anymore. But it does mean that I have two different style personalities, which is pretty cool.

The first style personality is the most glamourous. It is elegant and classic with a slight hint of quirkiness. I tend to veer toward shapes that suit the curvy female form (A-line skirts cinched in at the waist, V and sweetheart shaped necklines and relaxed but tailored shirts). I LOVE black but like to play with colour and pattern to spice things up. In terms of beauty, it’s a polished look topped off with bright lips or jet black eyeliner.

one: Tank Pleat Skirt Flare Dress by Victoria Beckham

two and four: Dresses from Erin Fetherston’s current collection

three: Bow Skirt Dress by Erin Fetherston

five: Feather necklace by Emily + Leo


The second style personality is my home body aesthetic. It’s much more comfortable and a little playful. It revolves around colour and accent accessories layered over soft basics. I love fabrics that drape slightly, giving me room to wander around and stretch without too much effort. These outfits are almost always accompanied by a pair of ballet flats. Hair is slightly messy but well put together, a little bedhead-ish. Makeup is barely there, with a sweep of mascara, foundation and a little blush.

one: Salmon Cowl Tank by Sosume

two: Pink Silk Scarf by Emily + Leo

three: Sun Pea Pod Stud Earrings by  TDesign (via Young Republic)

four: Ballet Singlet by BODY by Dainy Sawatzky

five: Scoop Neck Tank by lululemon

What are your style personalities at the moment?