The Week With All The Systems

February 27, 2012 in 52 Delights Project


I really enjoyed my week of affirmations actually. They allowed me to feel a bit… lighter. Things that would usually overwhelm me seemed a little more manageable when I changed my perspective. I was able to take each day as it came and stay more focused and motivated.

It’s amazing how much brighter you feel when you’re repeating simple, positive mantras to yourself. Yes, I felt a tad silly at times but the benefits certainly outweighed the slight embarrassment. I used them as reminders to change my mindset, to slow down or take better care of myself. It’s nice to just stop and listen to your sane, rational self sometimes (we don’t often listen to this side of ourselves, do we?).


Illustration by Denise Van Leuuwen


Well, as you know life is stepping up a notch at Chateau Kim and I’m starting to drop the ball a little. If I tell you this embarrassing story about me letting the juggling balls of life and organisation come crashing down, you can’t laugh at me (with me is okay though because it’s fairly amusing).

I don’t usually teach before 2.00pm in the afternoons. The morning is my writing,social media work and me time. At midday I called my telephone provider and was on the phone for an hour trying to sort out an issue that should have¬†taken 5 minutes. After this I shed a few tears of frustration and went to have a shower to calm down. Then, the doorbell rang. I had no idea who it was and ran out of the shower, dripping to answer the buzzer. It was one of my students who had rescheduled to this time and I had completely forgotten. I let him in the stairwell and ran to put on a towel. I then ushered him through to the studio while I hurriedly dressed and threw my hair in a bun. I looked (and felt) like a mess and could barely string a sentence together. Now if this was one of my young female students we may have had a laugh and I wouldn’t have been so mortified, but this particular student is a man in his sixties. Nice one Kim.

That was not the only appointment that I forgot last week either. My plates that I had spinning so beautifully were starting to fall one by one. Hence this needing to be a week of getting my sh*t together. So I am working on putting systems in place. Diaries, reminders, sanity breaks, routines – it’s all on and I’m hoping that at least one works and sticks.

What systems do you have in place that keep you organised?