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March 30, 2012 in Cyberspace Gems (favourite links), Things I Love

It’s nearly the weekend and I’m in the mood for celebrating! Who’s with me?

My weekend will be filled with activities that bring me a lot of calm joy. Things like reading, meditating, cooking, yoga and spending time with friends. I’m trying to make more of a point to disconnect on the weekends and be as present as I can during my down time. What do you have in store for your weekend?



Getting my mojo back. It is so nice to feel more myself again. After a little disconnecting and re-evaluating, everything seems a little calmer, a little more zen. My energy levels are back where they used to be and things that I was falling out of love with seem brighter and more beautiful.

Connecting with amazing people. I was lucky enough to meet a guy by the name of Marcus Taylor this morning over coffee – seriously switched on dude this one. Check out his thoughts on comfort zones, legacy and what living the dream may look like over on his blog. Do it.

I also got to spend the whole weekend with old girlfriends of mine from school (one of which I hadn’t seen in six years). It was wonderful to catch up after so long and still be so comfortable with each other. There is something really special about a friendship that has spanned over a decade. They have been with you at the worst of times and the best of times and seen you change over that period. I laughed a lot. :)

New cookbooks that inspire me to actually cook. I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of Heidi Swanson’s book Super Natural Every Day. I cannot wait to cook some of these delicious, fresh meals and share them with you.

Gorgeous op shop find. Check out the bracelet to the left – how gorgeous is it? I never find anything cool at op shops. I’m always the one that sifts through the mothball sweaters and wonders how people walk away with immaculate handbags. But THIS is cute and was only $7!

Other:   decadent chocolate treats (Conscious Chocolate orange bars, I’m looking at you), DIY facials with girlfriends, house parties (with perhaps one too many appletinis), quinoa porridge, sunny days, at home manicures, being invited to fancy cocktail brunches (thanks Sarah), chats with my little sister, rich hot chocolate and french lessons.



If you’re only going to read one post from this list it should be this one over at Brain Pickings: How to Find Your Purpose and Do What You Love

The ever wise Gala Darling gives suggestions on How To Have A Fabulous, Luxurious Retreat & Produce Your Best Work Ever Without Leaving Your House

Breanna from moxee tells us creative types to Keep Swimming

I found myself nodding throughout Jess’ post The Icing or the Cake over on Makeunder my Life – the difference between the Online and the Real World lens.

The Beautiful People of the Internet – a lovely post about online support from blogger Serena of Pretty Fluffy.

10 Insanely Awesome Inspirational Manifestos on Lifehack does live up to the title (but I think the 16Hours Magazine one should be there too)

Over at papernstitch, Tiffany talks about Choosing Your Audience as a small business/freelancer.

Just starting a blog or thinking of starting one? Allison has great tips for Blogging on a Budget on her blog Show and Tell




This cute tea cup print from ReStyle on Etsy would be perfect for a loved one’s birthday.

There’s something really interesting about this geometric compass necklace from cursive design.

I’m in need of a new blush palette and Benefit’s Hervana Box looks like it would give a soft colour and finish.

How adorable are Forage’s bow ties? Now I just need an occasion or outfit to wear one with…

Tell me, how has your week been?

What is on your rocked-my-socks-off list?