The Week With All The Decluttering

April 3, 2012 in 52 Delights Project


Well I did spend my week re-evaluating but it didn’t go quite as I thought it would to be honest. By the end of the week I had imagined that I would decide to loosen my grip on at least one of my projects/income streams. I thought I’d know which one I wanted to pursue with all my energy and which ones would take a bit of a backseat for the next few months. Turns out I love the variety of my days and having multiple creative projects in different “spaces”. it fuels me by allowing me to be creative in various ways and I don’t want to part with that.

So, where to from here then Kim? Really it came down to that recurring theme of disconnecting. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed because I’ve been trying too hard to be everywhere at all times. I want to be floating around on Twitter for my social media clients 24/7, I want to be available to respond to comments on Dream. Delight. Inspire’s Facebook page, I want to be posting regularly on my singing website’s blog but that isn’t sustainable. I can be available SOME of the time and that is okay – that is good enough.

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Since April is now the month where I focus on my health, I’ve decided that clearing some of the clutter in the apartment will work wonders for my mental health. I always feel much more clear-headed after a big spring clean, the extra space in the house feels like it makes extra space in my head.

I am setting myself a challenge. To get rid of (sell, donate or bin depending on what it is) 50 things in the apartment this week. Some of you may scoff and say 50 things isn’t that much, others may be appalled that I’m parting with that many items; but it’s a number that seemed both challenging and achievable to me.

I have multiple mascaras but really only use one. I have pens that no longer work that seem to stay in my desk drawer. I have knick-knacks that I only keep out of guilt because I was given them by insert-name-of-friend-from-ten-years-ago-here. Why do I have all of this clutter? It causes unnecessary frustration when I’m looking for something and all I come across is piles of stuff I don’t use or want.

So wish me luck on my 50 item challenge!

Do you have as much unwanted clutter as I do?

Want to see if you can clear 50 things too?