The Support Her Initiative: Getting the Ball Rolling

April 5, 2012 in Turning Your Dream Into Reality

Photo by Eva Merry

Firstly a huge thank you my lovely readers that left comments, sent emails and spread the word about The Support Her Initiative. It means so much to me to have you on board!

If I am going to get this up and running, I want to do it right. I want it to work and become something much bigger than myself and this blog. In order to do that, I need your thoughts and suggestions. Here is my initial idea for how this could work, but I am certainly open to criticism or feedback. I have drafted this keeping in mind that I don’t have a truckload of free time on my hands and want to get funds to talented ladies with big ambitions as quickly as possible.


Any female with a creative passion can apply to be “sponsored” by The Support Her Initiative but they will have to present the idea that they require funding for.

It could be that you’re a painter and you’d like to set up an online store/portfolio website and need the money for a designer. It may be that you’re a life coach and need funds for business cards to dish out at networking events. You might be a sculptor that is wanting to experiment with a new technique but simply can’t afford the tools.

Whatever your dream is that you need extra moolah for, that will be part of the submission along with a bit of a bio on yourself and your craft/talent/idea.


Every month I’ll put up a list of everyone who submitted, linking to their work/website. I will┬áprofile 3 ladies (with different artistic backgrounds/pursuits) that have impressed me with their submissions in more detail. These will be the ones eligible for donations and will have a donate button under each of their profiles, allowing you to insert whatever amount you’d like to donate to fund their dream.

If you strongly believe that one (or more) of the submissions that hadn’t been profiled should be eligible for donations next month, simply leave a message in the comments. Submissions will be kept and can be profiled at any time, they do not need to reapply.

My initial idea was that we have people who donate on a regular basis ($5 a month) and split the proceeds amongst the candidates but the poll showed that you weren’t all that keen on that idea, so hopefully this is a better way to proceed.

In regards to getting brands on board to sponsor this concept, I am going to trial a few months first to see what response we get. Companies generally like to see success before they jump on board (crazy, huh?). If this initiative takes off in a strong way, then I will start to approach brands I believe would be a great fit to sponsor by donating prizes that may be useful for those submitting or lovely thank yous for those who donate generously.


Before we kick off with the Support Her Initiative, I’d love your ideas about how we can make this great. You’ve said you think it’s a wonderful concept, but how do you see it working? Does my plan look okay to you or is there room for improvement (I’m telling you, there certainly is!)?

Let’s get this happening so we can aid some amazing creatives!