The Week With All The Opportunities

April 10, 2012 in 52 Delights Project


I did my week of decluttering in chunks, getting rid of a few things here and a few things there and it certainly adds up! I hit my 50 items fairly easily. Who knew I had three bottles of glasses lens cleaner? Or sets of teacups that are never used? Or handfuls of cosmetics that I’ve barely touched or are past their expiry date?

I feel pretty motivated to keep going on my cleaning spree now that I’ve reached my weekly target. Perhaps I should set a small target every week. Letting go of 5 or 10 items a week surely wouldn’t be too hard. I enjoy the feeling of letting go of possessions that I no longer need, love or use. The apartment feels more spacious and less chaotic, which in turn makes me feel at ease in a similar way.

Did you participate in last week’s 52 Delights Project Challenge? How did you go?

Original photo by Alex Beadon


Sometimes I wake up and want to smack myself for letting myself get so lazy. I am in a good place in terms of my skills and experience but I need to get myself out there and little more and chasing the opportunities rather than waiting for them to come to me. I’ve been focusing on slowing down and disconnecting a bit more recently which is great in one way, but I need to get motivated to get some amazing sh*t happening! So this is the week.

The problem with believing that things are going well on the business front (especially if you’re working for yourself) is that you tend to become complacent. I forget that I should be constantly learning more about singing, teaching, writing and social media. I need to get out there, absorb information and the translate that into some kick-ass productivity and client building.

I’m going to take my own advice and get on the self promotion bandwagon. I am going to throw myself into some professional development. I will be strict on incorporating some kind of business building activity into every weekday. It’s time to focus on some business savvy growth!

Do you have a project or business that could use some extra focus this week?