Be Accountable and Make a Change

April 19, 2012 in Inspiration Station


Original image by Wade Griffith


Do you sit here and read this blog a few times a week; get motivated to do something/change something/embark on something, and then another week goes by and you wonder what happened to that idea from the previous week? If not, congratulations! You’re one of the few that acts on their motivation alone and gets things done. If you are, join the club (I’m right there with you).

I am often inspired by amazing game-changers. People that are doing something so incredible that I wonder what I’m doing with my meagre little life. Why am I not creating something that will blow people away? Why have I not started my journey to greatness by doing X, Y, Z when I said I was going to do it six months ago?

It’s not that we’re necessarily lazy, it’s just that motivation and inspiration can only take you so far. Determination and pure stubbornness is sometimes needed to get things done.¬†Anyone can feel motivated but not everyone can take that motivation and use it to steamroll over the largest roadblock – their fear.

No matter how incredible anyone is; whatever they’ve said or written that inspires you, won’t make change happen. Even if something they say or write sparks a fire in your belly and it is then further fuelled by other writers or supportive friends, this doesn’t mean you will make it happen.

I have found the best motivator for me is to be held accountable. I am constantly doing this on my blog (because otherwise nothing would get done). Every week I have the 52 Delights Project in which I say what I’m going to trial that week and then I have to report back on how it went the following week. It means that I have to follow through because I know that you will be asking me how I found it or how it felt! I posted that I was going to stop biting my nails back in December and it was the only thing that has worked in 26 years. 26 years people!

I want you to write something in the comments, something that you desperately want, no NEED to do STAT. Something that will move your life in the direction that you’ve been dreaming. It doesn’t have to be a big step, it can be a tiny shuffle. But it has to be something you’ve struggled to achieve, something you’ve been putting off and can’t quite seem to tick off the list.

You then have a fortnight to get this in motion. I am going to email you. Yes, every single one of you to follow-up and make sure you’ve made that step. Accountability is a powerful tool and we’re going to use it to get some sparkling, explosive, positive action in your life!

I can’t wait to see what your step is – leave one in the comments and we’ll all be accountable.