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April 20, 2012 in Cyberspace Gems (favourite links), Things I Love

Oh it feels so good to be putting together another one of these posts, bursting with joy, interesting links and cute finds from across the web. I hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday, no matter what time zone you’re in. Make it amazing with your attitude and your actions!




I’m hitting my stride again today, everything feels like it’s where it should be and yesterday’s post really got me motivated to get a few things in order.

Amazing musical finds. I have the most awesome students (a teacher’s dream) and they’re constantly introducing me to other talented musicians. Bernhoft (above) is one of them – watch this and be prepared to be wowed.

Mum time. There aren’t many things that I value more than time with my mum. I count the days until her arrival like it’s Christmas Eve. We spent the weekend together, caught up and ate some delicious food. It made for a great few days.

Getting our Europe trip sorted. We just paid for the first few days of our apartment rental in Paris and it’s all starting to feel very real. Tickets go on sale for the Montreux Jazz Festival shortly and it looks like we’ll be booking tickets for a Bon Iver concert in France too. Excitement plus.

Making progress on my next eBook. This is one of those things I keep talking about and brainstorming but it’s time to get this thing happening! I’m piecing it together and will be asking for the keen eye of Designer Extraordinaire Sian to help me out with this one. I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going, promise!

Other:   beautiful cozy new cafes near home, hard training sessions, emails containing good news, sweet tweets, spotty nails, French language discs, presents from students (have I mentioned how lucky I am?), time on the grass in the sunshine, mid afternoon chocolate boosts, ordering Danielle LaPorte’s fancy new book, and cute tap dancing concerts.


I’m honoured to be contributing to the wonderful blog that is Smaggle. Here’s this month’s article: How Do You Avoid The Guilts?

Ana over at BlogMilk teaches us about The Structure of a Healthy Blog.

Jess from The Wellness Warrior talks food with one of my favourite foodies, Robyn Law from Girl on Raw.

10 Tips to Conquer a Quarter or Mid Life Crisis over at Positively Present has some lovely insights.

I love Sarah Von (of Yes and Yes fame) and this is a great transparent post on how she makes money online over at The Suitcase Entrepreneur.

I’m all about trying to live simply and was drawn to this Tiny Buddha post by Katie Tallo titled Fuel Your Dreams With Simple Daily Habits.

I can’t wait to put some of the ideas from Email and Focus over at How To Get Focused into practise!

The new issue of MAEVE magazine is out and (as usual) it’s gorgeous.


Take Flight Aerograms by The Hungry Workshop. Not only are these bright, stunning and amazing – but they’re also printed on Australian made and carbon neutral stock!

Neon Geometric Leather Necklace by boo + boo factoryThis is like an incredibly bright puzzle – ace.

Neon Pens from Smiggle. I’ll admit, I should sign myself up for Stationary Addicts Anonymous, but how gorgeous are the colours?

Karolina Heels by Kate Spade. I don’t know which part of these shoes is more fantastic, the neon yellow upper or the Beetlejuice striped heel!


Let me know what is making your week shine in the comments!

You know I love to hear from you.