Getting My Glow Back: Health Kick Check Up II

May 3, 2012 in Health

Okay, so the month of April is officially over but I’d like to continue my healthy run into May (if it’s okay with you?). I was really making some good progress until about Week 3 when things started to unravel. The weather got really cold and rainy and I found myself crawling back into bed and ignoring the determined little voice in my head trying to coax me to the gym.

Anyway, I’ll check in with a progress report and would love to know if you managed to get all the way through April with no slip ups or were more like me and overall did well but had the odd bump along the way.

Photo by Amanda Mabel


I had a week of bad behaviour on this front when the temperature plummeted and took my motivation with it. I also slipped out of my yoga routine and wow did I feel the change in my mobility and flexibility. With limited time, I think I start to panic that I don’t have enough time to move, but really it only takes 10 minutes to do something worthwhile for your body. I think I’ll do a few stretches right before bed, it’ll help lengthen my muscles from the tension of the day and calm my mind at the same time. What’s your favourite way to get moving if you have a short amount of time?



With the help of my lovely boyfriend, cooking has been the easiest of the five sectors to continue with. It relieves so much stress knowing that there is a plan and all the ingredients are on hand to prepare a nutritious meal. Over the weekend I made large dishes based on whole grains that served as healthy comfort food over two nights. Leftovers are seriously underrated and I’m definitely going to prepare more than we need when we have the time on the weekend to make Monday and Tuesday dinners quick and simple. Do you rely on leftovers at all?



Well this one gets a gold star now that I’ve seen the dentist and got the green light from her. I have had all the check ups that I need for the next six months and feel pretty chuffed that I can forget about those appointments for a while now. I am thinking of taking a multi-vitamin every morning just to ensure that I’m doing the best I can in terms of preventing anything from bringing down my immune system this winter. Do you take any vitamins? Which do you recommend?



As some of you may know, I have two occupations at the moment – I write and do freelance social media project management in the mornings and teach singing in the afternoons/evenings. Unfortunately, things are ramping up on both fronts simultaneously and it’s getting my work-life balance a little out of whack. No complaints here but I really do need to knuckle down and make relaxing a priority. I think I’ll book a massage for tomorrow!



I have been a social butterfly these past couple of weeks, to the point where I am just counting down the hours until Sunday where I am entirely commitment-free. This will be the day that I read for an hour, chat to T over coffee and breakfast, create a new inspiration board for the studio and start brainstorming a few new goals. Me time. As much as I enjoy seeing friends and being around amazing people, it does take a lot of bright and bubbly energy, so sometimes the moments with a quiet, calmer energy are just what the doctor ordered.

What health changes have you made recently that you have noticed benefits from?


Did you join me on Get Your Glow Back April? Want to kick through May with me too?