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July 29, 2012 in Cyberspace Gems (favourite links), Things I Love

I hope you had an incredible weekend and spent it in whatever way you need to for your health and happiness. Here is a rundown on the highlights of my week, posts I enjoyed so much that I need to share them with you and a collection of beautiful things that have caught my eye.



Relaxation station. At out hotel in Copenhagen, we had the option of paying a little extra for access to their wellness area. It included a spa, steam room, sauna and cooling pool. It was a no-brainer at this point in our trip. Our muscles were gagging for something like this – a little R & R was vital. My skin loved the steam room/sauna treatment and I then tested the natural mud mask, coffee and sea salt exfoliating scrub and moisturisers that were on offer. It felt so good to pamper myself after weeks of travelling. It was a reminder that I really need to do more of that kind of thing back home!

Conquering fear. I am not a confident bike rider. This could be because I could count the number of times I’ve been on a bike since childhood on three fingers. I was determined to get my cycle chic on in Copenhagen (seeing as though the city seems designed for it), unfortunately the hotel bikes were enormous. I couldn’t touch the ground with my feet without falling a bit to the side. I was scared. I felt completely out of control and didn’t know if I could do it.

T was begging me just to leave the bike behind and catch a cab to my singing lesson, but I was far too stubborn to listen to that. We ended up riding 45 minutes each way, crossing a main bridge and alarming the odd local. I may have had sore hands from gripping the handle bars and a bruised behind but I was stoked to have done it despite my fear.

Other:   beautiful sunny days, watching Pretty Little Liars in bed, diving into marketing videos in B-School, deep emails with good friends, amazing raw meals, neck massages from the boyf, inspiring singing lessons, handcut fries, organic breakfast buffets, connecting with lovely readers and students, interesting hotel room artwork and watching moving Olympic achievements.



I’m a big fan of Tara Stiles and the way she approaches yoga. Here’s a great 5 minute workout for when you have very little time to stretch, strengthen and connect.

My girl Tara from such.different.skies is killing it on her blog at the moment. Loved this post – When Spending Money Makes You More of It (it totally works with my post about investing in yourself).

I’m salivating over this Raw Organic Key Lime Pie that Vienda Maria whipped up.

If things are looking dark in your world or you need a little encouragement, Danielle LaPorte has your back.

If you’re needing some visual inspiration instead, Miss Moss is your port of call. The fact that her blog description is “Compendium of Radness” just makes it even more awesome.

Quit Your Job + Sell Your Stuff + Travel the World is a great read from Sarah of Yes and Yes.

Mastin from The Daily Love talks about how What You See Depends on HOW You Look. So true!

Only The Glamourai could rock a white shirt and blue jeans so well. *sigh*

The super talented Jo from August Empress shares her favourite WordPress Resources and Plug Ins – one for you bloggers out there.


I thought I’d share my current obsession with Scandinavian design in this week’s Lusting After collection. I’m swooning over almost everything in design stores over here!

1     Act As If Print by Therese Sennerholt

2     Turquoise Krenit Bowl by Normann Copenhagen

3     Spear Tray by Ferm Living

4     Coco Lounge Chair by Skagerak

Tell me about your week – what has made you smile?