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October 26, 2012 in Cyberspace Gems (favourite links), Things I Love

Currently Loving posts will crop up at random intervals when I feel like sharing a bunch of things that are rocking my world including links, products and the little things in life that make me grin. I hope that there is something in each of these posts to grab your attention and brighten your day!



Mini breaks away.   As I told you in my last post, I ran off to regional Victoria’s spa capital Daylesford and last weekend I went to visit my extended family in Adelaide. Despite the 4.40am wake up call for the flight, it was lovely to spend time with family. It’s nice to get away for a change of scenery and disconnect more than I would if I was at home.

Taking my foot off the accelerator.   I’m slowly changing my ideas around what success is and how fast I’d like my life to move and grow. When we’re constantly focused on the future, monthly projections and goals; we often forget to enjoy the present. I’ve been trying to remind myself to soak up the lovely moments while they’re happening more and more. I’ve also been listening to my body and my energy levels a lot more and stopping when I feel I need to. Life isn’t a race and it’s comforting to be reminded of that.

Lovely feedback on my singing videos.   Starting my own business as a singing teacher out of a studio at home almost 2 years ago was almost paralysingly frightening, but launching myself into the online world with my face and my opinions was far more terrifying. I am extremely lucky to have an incredibly supportive community here on this blog but taking a step into the unknown was something I was very hesitant about at first. So far all comments on my training videos have been positive (touch wood!), so I’ feeling even more blessed than usual this week.

Other:   Skype dates with my sister, long walks in the sunshine, fresh veggie juice, bright-eyed new students, creme brûlée, emails that say YES, chats over coffee, ice-cream in bed, flight specials that mean I can attend friends’ weddings, gorgeous Spring fashion and sparkly manicures.

Photo by Kari Elaine


Liza writes about How to Overcome Creative Block over on Yes and Yes

My girl Cara has an incredibly beautiful blog if you haven’t stopped by yet: Ultra Inspired

Danielle LaPorte shares 17 Money Practices that Cost Me a Lot to Learn on Positively Positive

Someone who has learned a lot of lessons from launching a successful digital product is Gala Darling. Oh how I wish I’d read this post before launching my eBooks!

Jo at August Empress has some Design Tips for Fonts. These posts she does are amazing for design newbies like me.

I’d heard this story before but I loved the timely reminder in my Google Reader coming from Jess of Makeunder My Life

This Parisian photo shoot over on The Glamourai is making me itch for travel again…

I was continuously nodding along with Michelle’s post on Goodlife Zen about Career Happiness

Mistaking Motion for Action is a lovely post by my friend Sandi (In the Thick of It is her blog) which really sums up how I’m wanting to treat “busyness” and social media these days.


I’m eagerly awaiting delivery of this Elliatt maxi dress from The Dreamery – great for summer evenings!

These beautiful Flight Earrings by inSync design are definitely on my wish list.

I’m having a moment with bright patterns and this Neon Arches Throw Pillow by NightByrd fits the bill perfectly.

Tell me about what you’ve been loving recently!

What have you been doing/reading/buying?